Klaus Runze

Intermedia Artist

1930 Born in Berlin, Germany

1948-62 Studies at Berlin Conservatoire of Music / Piano, Rhythmic, Cembalo, Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Berlin

1956/57 Study at Berlin Art College / Painting

1956 Grant for Paris, sponsored by Centre Culurel Francais / Maison de France Berlin

1961-72 Teaching Piano, with basic research concerning the creativity of children. Followed the Piano Teaching Book ‘Zwei Hände – Zwölf Tasten’ /Germany 1971/84, with ‘Lehrerheft’, Schott Verlag, Mainz / Great Britain 1977 ‘Two Hands –Twelve Notes’, Schott Ed. London/ Japan 1986, Nihon Schott Tokyo.

1973-97 Lecturer for Piano, Improvisation and Didactics at the Conservatoire of Music in Cologne – Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Köln

since 1980 increasing occupation in the domain of intermedia performance and concepts/ Structured improvisation, composition, sculptured sound objects, painting while performing. Texts on this subject are to be found in special literature.

Lectures/Workshops/Seminars/Presentations (selection)

1972 Berlin Academy of Fine Arts (Akademie der Künste)

1975 Paris World Congress of Jeunesses Musicales

1976/77 Basel Conservatoire of Music (Musik-Akademie der Stadt Basel)

1982 London EPTA (European Piano Teachers Association)

1986 Innsbruck World Conference of ISME (International Society of Mu-sic Education)

1986-93 Tokyo/Seoul/Sofia Goethe-Institutes

1993 Vienna Conservatoire of Music (Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst)

1978/79 Paris IRCAM: ‘The child in the Labyrinth of sound’ – commis-sioned documentation of childrens creativity. unpub-lished.

1998 Budapest Varró-Symposion / Graz EPTA Austria

Texts on the subjects of piano education / musicology are to be found in specialised literature, see “Lexikon der Musikpädagogik” (Personenteil), Regensburg: Bosse 1993. (2000 new edition as CD-ROM)

Solo Performances

1983 Munich TU/Festival Experimentelle Musik

1985 Bombay / New Dehli / Calcutta Goethe-Institutes / ‘Metaphrasis’, including percussive painting

1987 Bonn Gallery Die Wand / ‚Hiroshima I’

1995 Düsseldorf Conservatoire of Music / ’Sound Gestures on the piano’

1996 Cologne Conservatoire of Music / ‘Stars from the Underworld’. Cycle for playing the Bösendorfer Grand Piano ‘Imperial’

1999 Tacoma/Seattle INTERNATIONAL Sound Art Festival III / ‘Sound Flight Icarus’ with sound sculpture

1999 Berlin Festival ‘berliner surreale’ / ‚Manifeste zu Ovid’ with Sound sculptures

Group Performances (selection)

1980 Basel IGNM / group ‘piano 2:2’

1983 Cologne Stollwerck / Festival Hommage á John Cage

1983 Darmstadt Institute for New Music and Music-Education / ‘Harp in Clothes’, with Jutta Nussbaum

1984 Belgrade Festival of Minimal Music, with the Goethe Institute, with Jutta Nussbaum

1984 Munich Festival of experimental Theatre / Group ‘Arts in Action’

1985 Bonn Tage Neuer Musik / ‘Rock Forest’

1987 Bonn Gallery Die Wand / Group bassopiano, ‘Sedimente’

1990 Berlin Hebbeltheater / Cologne Conservatoire of Music, ‘Inter-ferenzen’, Diagonal tuning of two pianos by Thomas Henke, with Paolo Alvares

since 1993 Trio STRUZ, With Marianne Steffen-Wittek / Markus Zaja (percussion/ wind-instruments)

1994 Cologne Stadtgarten / Forum Aktuelle Musik

1994 Cologne Galerie Schüppenhauer / ‚Der schnarchende Orpheus’, with Sound Sculptures

since 1994 Duo Kassandra, with Rena Meyer-Wiel (voice)

1995 Cologne Übergangsraum e.V. ‘Hiroshima II’ with Sound Sculp-tures (Duo Kassandra)

1998 Berlin Festival ‘1. berliner surreale’ / ‘Querschnitt durch das Unhörbare’, with Rainer Cadenbach (to Magritte)

1999 Tacoma / Seatlle (see above) /some performances with Dan Senn and other artists

Radio and other p. r.

1986 Zurich Swiss Radio (DRS): ‘Returning to Utopia’, a Portrait of the Piano-pedagogue and improviser Klaus Runze

1998 Neue Musikzeitung Portrait: ‘Den Körper der Klänge ertasten’, URL:

Other activities as an intermedia artist (selection)

1950-51 Berlin participation on different art expositions / Studentischer Kunstpreis FU

1968 Concept for publication and exhibition ‘the landscape as work of art’ (photographs), see the architectural maga-zine “Werk”, Winterthur febr. 1968; Text: Andrè Corboz.

1980 Cologne Exhibition ‘Studien zur Photo-Skulptur’, Conservatoire of Music

since 1983 Construction of Sound-Sculptures for actions and per-formances

since 1993 sculptures, paintings etc. / work in progress, with docu-mentations

CD / Video

1994 CD + edition of the visual artist Jiří Kolář, from the performance Gallery Schüppenhauer, Cologne / Trio STRUZ

1996 CD and Video, ‘Duo Kassandra’

1996 CD and Video, solo (concepts of playing piano)

1998/99 CD, concepts of playing piano, also in digital transformation

2000 concept of a personal mediathek (CD etc.)